Powered by CNIC, Internet-based Data Center Services in ZeData has sufficient resources supports including robust cloud storage network, disaster recovery network, data archive center and data-intensive computing center with 100Mbps IPv4 Internet links and 1000Mbps IPv6 network with dual-link access available.

Cloud Storage Network

The Cloud storage network here has a mess data storage capacity of 11PB in total with network bandwidth of 2.5Gb/S or 10Gb/S to help facilitate the data escrow process and make data storage easily and quickly.

Disaster Recovery Network

Our disaster recovery network with 1.5PB capacity and PRO<30 can handle disaster recovery to keep the data sets intact and safely.
12 sub-centers are used for data backup, data deposit and data disaster recovery.

Data Archive Center

38PB data archive center for data backup and long term preservation in Huairou District, Beijing.

Data-intensive Computing Center

Our data-intensive computing center can provide PB data parallel processing services which makes data analysis and data mining an easy work.

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