To serve the data escrow needs, we provide a series of IT tools focusing on internet access portal constructions, data query supports, important data escrow situation reminder, way of data access including upload and download as well as comprehensive data escrow service system especially constructed upon the data escrow service workflow.
Main Features
Open SFTP, SCP, HTTPS services to IP address of Registry Organization with specific domain name to receive data transferred from them
Support receiving data via CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or USB physical medium and etc
Validate data by script supplied by ICANN for data correctness and completeness after receiving
For data receiving failure case, ICANN will be notified with validation email within 24 hours and receive a copy of data validation reporter. And the decrypted files will be destroyed. Data Escrow Provider will be notified to send the file again
Data Security Strategies
Data Exchange protocol: SFTP/FTPS/HTTPS
Data Validation: SSH keys/User/Password
Data Encrypt: PGP(GPG)
Data integrity check: Check for big files, xml and csv files, full and incremental files
Data Store Subsystem: Apply commercial database and use database cluster technique to ensure eliminate data redundancy
Build efficient database index to ensure the data in order. Put escrow data in private space and record file size
Data Deployment Subsystem: Open SFTP, SCP, HTTPS protocols to ICANN or certain third party, let them download data as they need
Log management: Record normal operations as logs and trace the data flow
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Template of Registry Escrow Agreement
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